We have helped hundreds of couples achieve their goal of starting a family.


“It was a great experience working with you and I was glad to be able to help someone.”

“I found it to be a positive and satisfying experience.”

“I am so excited that they are pregnant... Wow. That feels great.”

Below is a description of the process from a woman who donated four times.

Q: What was it like to be a donor?
A: I got to meet 3 of the 4 couples for whom I was a donor, and each time was fascinating and special. After my  first cycle, when I found out the mother was pregnant, it was a profound experience for me.

Q: Was it hard to give yourself injections?
A: During the cycle, I found it was easy to give myself injections and that they were no more painful than getting pinched. It does take responsibility to take the injections at the same time each day, and sometimes I had to rearrange my schedule, but it wasn't really such a bother.

Q: Was the clinic staff supportive?
A: The staff at the fertility clinic was amazing! They always took time to answer my questions and explain to me everything during my visits. The donor has to make 5 to 8 visits to the clinic, most of them short. They were usually able to schedule me early in the morning, to have the least interruption to my day.

Q: Why did you decide to do it again?
A: After the first cycle was over, I was very happy for the recipient couple and was glad that I could help a family in this way. I have learned that the pain of infertility is very real, but young, healthy women can help families to be complete with a child they will love and value very much. Regarding the compensation, I felt that the amount of money I received for my donation fee was well worth the time commitment and effort that was required.


“Susan, we are so glad that we found your agency, where we found our perfect donor. Working with you has been easy and carefree… a true pleasure. You always responded to any inquiries promptly and completely.  Despite going through some difficult times in the past few months, you have always remained poised, and focused on providing us with great service.”

“I have really enjoyed working with Susan Cieutat at the San Francisco Donor Network. I did my homework and spoke with many donor agencies throughout the US. While I encountered wonderful people at each agency, none had the depth of compassion and sincere and earnest desire to help people going through this process that Susan demonstrated. Her degrees in nursing, public health, and law gave me the confidence that I was being represented by someone extremely intelligent and knowledgeable. She is a calming, rational, guiding voice in an otherwise overwhelming and frightening process. It’s clear Susan genuinely strives to satisfy the interests of all the people in the process (donors and recipients, alike). Additionally, she does a wonderful job of donor screening and selection. In fact, after perusing numerous donor websites throughout the country and reviewing hundreds of donor profiles, three of our top five choices belonged to SF Donor Network.”

The following is part of a letter from a recipient to her donor.

Dear Donor:

There is really, in my experience, no way to convey to another person the pain associated with infertility. By the time I found you, I think I had given up on ever having a child, and it was difficult for me even after I found out I was pregnant to believe that my dream of parenthood would come to fruition.

I feel everyday, consciously, the joy of parenting my little one. I can think of very few other circumstances in life where the generosity of one changes in such profound ways the experiences of another. I often think of you, and I send my gratitude and joy to you, along with my wishes that your life will also be blessed in the many, many ways that mine has been since I met you.

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