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About SFDN

Statement from founder and director of SFDN Susan Cieutat:

 "I give my personal attention to all of my couples and donors. Having been a client of assisted reproductive technology myself, and having been an ICU nurse for over 10 years, I understand the hardship of difficulty in conceiving, and I've learned a great deal about working with people in stressful situations. I strive to help people move forward in a positive direction." -- Susan Cieutat


More About SFDN:

In the past 10 years San Francisco Donor Network has matched hundreds of Bay Area couples with donors.  We have also worked with couples in Canada, South America, Europe, and Japan.  Founder Susan Cieutat is a former nurse and former attorney with over a decade of experience in pediatric intensive care, and labor and delivery. Her legal work was  in the areas of employment law, gender discrimination, and medical malpractice. She also holds a BA in History from UC Berkeley and a Masters in Public Health from Columbia University.

To get started with a password to view basic donor information on-line, please send an e-mail with your name and which fertility clinic you are working with to .

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