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The Donation Procedure

4. Injectable Medications

After a few weeks of being on the Pill and synchronizing the cycles of the donor and recipient, they will both discontinue the birth control pills. The donor will begin the injectable medications in preparation for the egg retrieval.

The donor will take injectable medications for approximately two to three weeks.  She will take follicle stimluating hormones (also known as "FSH meds") and an ovulation suppressant.

The brand names of the FHS medications used are Folli-stim, Gonal-F, Repronex, Menopur, and others.  They are all various forms of follicle stimulating hormones.

Clinics will also use either Lupron or Ganerelix to prevent the eggs from being released from the donor's ovaries as would normally happen each month with ovulation.

The exact length of time that the donor is on injectable medications will depend on the protocol used by the clinic and on how the donor's body responds.  Donors are monitored very closely while on medications.  Monitoring visits consist of a blood draw and an ultrasound of her ovaries, and they take about 15 to 20 minutes.  Donors will have a total of 4 to 6 visits monitoring visits while they are on injectable medications.

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