There are few gifts greater than the gift of parenthood.
The Donation Procedure

1. Medical Screening and Orientation

After a donor is matched with a recipient couple she then becomes a patient of that couple's fertility clinic and fertility doctor.  A donor’s first clinic visit consists of a medical screening and orientation.  She will have a consultation with the couple's fertility physician and meet with the clinic staff person who will be coordinating her cycle.

The medical screening consists of a physical exam, a blood draw, and an ultrasound.  Donors are tested for genetic diseases, several infectious diseases including HIV, hepatitis, and several STD's.  She will also have her hormone levels tested and an ultrasound of her ovaries. 

The orientation consists of a detailed explanation of ovarian stimulation and the egg retrieval procedure.  She will also receive a description of all of the medications used.  Later on she is given instruction on how to self-administer injectable medications.  And of course all of her questions will be answered.

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